fruit forward: fruit rescue jam bundle

fruit forward: fruit rescue jam bundle

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Beautifully hued and varied in fruity flavor, these jams bring out the best from the season’s surplus. Paired with toast or charcuterie boards, these delicious spreads make a delightful gift.

    Plum Elderflower Preserves

    Ingredients: organic plum, organic sugar, water, pectin, elderflower.

    Peach Ginger Preserves

    Ingredients: organic peach, organic sugar, pectin, organic lemon juice, organic ginger.

    Berry Party Preserves

    Ingredients: organic berries (may include strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry), organic sugar, pectin, organic lemon juice.

    Sonoma, CA

    preserve farm kitchens

    Preserve Farm Kitchens began with strawberries that were destined for the compost. Founder and CEO Merrilee Olson found out one day back in 2010 while visiting a local farmers' market that the leftovers of a rare strawberry varietal ended up in the compost bin. Shocked, but determined to save the delicious fruit, she began picking up the leftover berries each week and turning them into jam using her culinary skills. The stand that originally sold the strawberries began selling the jams with no qualms. Eventually the jam went on to win the first Good Food Award. Thus, the idea of Preserve Farm Kitchens was born. They are a valuable resource for regional farms who have excess or imperfect produce.