Welcome to Good Eggs Select, a curated selection of our favorite meals, products, and gifts. Discover the radical freshness and impeccable quality we're known for, now available to ship directly anywhere in the U.S.


a curated selection of our favorite meals, products, and gifts

our sourcing standards

We're picky. Like, really picky. Strict standards for us mean peace of mind for you. We talk to producers, visit many of their farms, and taste-test their products to ensure we bring only the best to you


If it’s not radically fresh, it’s not here. We take great pride in our relationships with local farmers, growers, and master producers. We carry 70% local, California grown and produced goods. If we can’t source it close by, we carefully curate what we import to deliver exactly what you need. We sample everything we source because we believe the fullest flavors, freshest ingredients, and finest quality make the difference.


Honesty is refreshing. We invest in our relationships with producers and we celebrate their stories. We support the great work they do, visit their farms, provide rigorous quality criteria, and demand 100% transparency across the entire supply chain–from the name of the fishing boat captain to the most obscure ingredient in that prepared meal.


We care about our people, our community, and our animals, too! This means true outdoor access for them, and vastly better quality, health, and flavor for you. Is it more expensive than factory-farmed? It can be. But the true cost of cheap meat just leaves a bad taste in our mouths.